There's a new VTC in town!

There's a new VTC in town!

  • 01/31/2023
  • Gabriel Maceu Faria
  • VTC
The VTC has always been our most colorful compressor, effortlessly adding warm, natural harmonics when compressing any signal with its tubes.

Of course, since it is a Vari-Mu compressor, that used to mean that, if you wanted to just add tube harmonics to your tracks, you would still need to run it through the compressor and keep riding the Input and Output knobs until you got the color you wanted with as little compression as possible. Definitely a very creative way to use the VTC, but maybe not the easiest one. So we asked ourselves: how can we make it easier to get any color you want?

Well, now, you can get those smooth harmonics without changing your dynamics at all.

With our new “Color/Comp” switch (1 per channel), you can have total control of what gets compressed and what gets only colored. When the switch is set to “Comp”, the compression is active. When the switch is set to “Color”, the VTC is not compressing, but the signal is still running through the tubes.

Color/Comp switch picture

But that’s not all: the VTC now has new, perfectly-matched capacitors and transistors, making the L/R calibration process much more accurate, precise, and long-lasting.

Finally, we cannot help but point out that the new VTC is the first 19’’ Tegeler device with our new logo and font. We hope you liked it as much as we did!

Find out more about the VTC by having it in your own setup and seeing how it goes with your workflow!

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