Terms and Conditions 1 free Creme per 100 pre-orders sweepstakes

The following conditions apply:

1. person in charge

Organizer and implementer of the competition is Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH Weststr. 1 13405 Berlin. Represented by managing director: Michael Krusch. The prizes are provided and transmitted by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH.

2. participants

Eligible to participate are persons who have reached the age of 18. Participation is possible worldwide. Invalid where prohibited by law. Excluded are employees of the participating companies and their relatives.
Participation via sweepstake clubs or participation and entry services, automated entries as well as participation with falsified identities or with identities of third parties are not permitted.
Participants may be required to provide proof of their eligibility to participate in the sweepstakes. If participants do not provide proof of eligibility within the deadline set by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to exclude participants from participation.

3. Prizes

The prize offered is a Tegeler Creme - Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer (https://shop.tegeler.com/de/products/creme) for every 100 pre-orders of the Tegeler Blackbox. The Creme is provided by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH and delivery is included.
In the unlikely event of unavailability of the/a prize, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to substitute it with an equivalent prize at its sole discretion.

4.How to participate


The sweepstakes takes place from 01.05.2023 to 31.05.2023 on https://shop.tegeler.com/products/blackbox.
In order to participate in the sweepstakes, the participant must purchase at least one of the following promotional products from the online store during the above promotional period.
- Tegeler Blackbox (item number: 03007041993)
When purchasing the Tegeler Blackbox, the participant declares by clicking on the button "I hereby confirm my participation in the "1 free Creme per 100 pre-orders sweepstakes" and accept that with the participation in the sweepstakes my right of withdrawal expires and I will receive access to the new plug-in from Tegeler Audio Manufaktur on 01.06.2023" agree to the conditions of participation and the privacy policy.
. Immediately thereafter, each participant will receive an automatic e-mail to the specified e-mail address with a link to verify this e-mail address. By clicking on this link, the participant takes part in the sweepstakes. The verification must take place within the above-mentioned promotional period.

5.Your winner determination


Winners will be selected at random. Every 100 pre-orders, one winner will be randomly selected.

6.Winner notification


Winners will be notified after the winner is determined via the, email address provided at the time of purchase. The email address cannot be changed after the initial notification. Winners will be asked to send their contact details (name, address, phone number, date of birth) by email within 14 days.
. If the contact details are not provided within this period, the claim to the prize will be forfeited. In the event of undeliverability, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH is not obliged to make further inquiries; in this case, there is no claim to the prize.

7. Transfer of winnings

The prize transmission will take place after the prize notification by mail, parcel service or courier to the address provided by the participant after request. The prize transmission and shipping processing is carried out by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur and takes at least 3-4 business days.
. The address cannot be changed after the initial notification. In the event of an undeliverable prize, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH is not obliged to make further inquiries. In this case, the claim to the prize is forfeited.
With shipment, the risk of deterioration and accidental loss passes to the winner.

8. Exclusion of participants

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to exclude participants who provide false or incomplete information, use unauthorized aids, are suspected of manipulation or otherwise violate the conditions of participation without giving reasons.
. If the conditions for exclusion are met, prizes can be subsequently withdrawn or prizes already paid out or delivered can be reclaimed.
Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to request a statement from the participant if a reason for exclusion is suspected. If the statement is not made within the period set by Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to exclude the participants from participation.

9. No transfer of winnings


If it is not possible to transfer the prize to the winner (e.g. because the entitlement to the prize has lapsed due to the conditions of participation or the winner does not accept the prize), it is left to Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH to decide at its own discretion what will be done with the prize (e.g. whether the prize will be awarded to the participants who did not win according to these conditions of participation or whether it will not be awarded and will be used for another competition, for example).

10. data protection

Reference is made to the separate data protection information for the sweepstakes.

11. Disclaimer

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH accepts no responsibility for loss of data, in particular that which has occurred by way of data transmission, technical defects or lost, damaged or delayed entries which are attributable to network, hardware or software problems.
Any warranty claims by the winners are excluded.

12. Change / discontinuation of the competition


Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH reserves the right to change or discontinue the sweepstakes in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In particular, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH is entitled to discontinue, cancel or suspend the sweepstakes if.

  • an attempted abuse through manipulation is detected or
  • .
  • a proper execution is no longer ensured, this in particular in the event of failure of hardware or software, program errors, computer viruses or unauthorized interventions by third parties as well as mechanical, technical or legal problems.
  • .

13 Ineffectiveness of individual clauses


Should any clause of these terms and conditions be invalid, the corresponding legal provision shall apply and the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected.

14. Transfer, cash payment, legal recourse

A cash payment of the prize is not possible. Any claims to the prize are not transferable. The legal process is excluded.

15. Consumer arbitration

We hereby inform you that Tegeler Audio Manufaktur GmbH does not participate in dispute resolution proceedings of a consumer arbitration board and is not obliged to do so.

16. contact person for queries

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at contact@tegeler.com at any time.

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