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Reverb Plug-in


Immerse yourself in a unique soundscape - with our breathtaking Raummaschine.

We present you with a world of fascinating echoes and floating resonances that transform your music into a truly magical experience.

The Raummaschine brings the legendary algorithm of our tube reverb, the Raumzeitmaschine, as a plug-in directly into your DAW.

Written in C++ and assembler for optimal resource usage of your system.

Never has a reverb sounded so good while causing so little CPU load.


How it sounds

Imagine your melodies floating gently through the room, enveloped in a sensual robe of sound that touches the hearts of listeners. Each note becomes a breath of purity that seeps through the speakers, giving shape and depth to your emotions with unparalleled intensity.

Our Raummaschine doesn't just create a simple reverberation - it creates an enchanting acoustic that puts your compositions in a new light. Whether you crave a warm and organic room sound or a glittering and surreal ambience, our Raummaschine allows you to turn your creative visions into reality.

Your sound is at the heart of our mission. Every single algorithm and detail has been carefully designed to deliver an exceptional sound experience. We dove deep into the world of assembly programming to create a reverb engine that enchants with its natural yet otherworldly sound. And all this without bringing your computer to its knees.

Whether you're an experienced music producer or a beginner, our Raummaschine allows you to unleash the full potential of the reverb effect without getting bogged down in complicated technology and sub-menus. It's the perfect solution for those looking for great sound without the hurdles of complex controls.

What it does for you

Experience the listening pleasure of a cathedral whose walls capture the sound of your music and reflect it in endless layers of depth and warmth. Or opt for the allure of a futuristic spaceship that transports your sounds to an alien and captivating galaxy.

With our Raummaschine, you will experience the world of music in a whole new way. Let yourself be inspired by the wonderful sounds and immerse yourself in an emotional journey where music is not only heard, but also felt. The sound will touch your soul and transport you into a world of pure magic.

Dare to break new ground and add a touch of reverb magic to your music. Pre-order the Raummaschine and bring your compositions to life on 1 June. Dive into the fascinating world of sound and let yourself be inspired by the beauty and emotionality that our Raummaschine has to offer. Be ready for a sound experience that will lift your music to a higher level and touch hearts.

Even though the operation of the Raummaschine is very simple, it comes with a variety of useful presets.
Simply load and adjust. Done.




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(En français) Tegeler Raummaschine

(中文) Tegeler Raummaschine

(En Español) Tegeler Raummaschine

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Sound Demo

One Minute Demo: Tegeler RaumMaschine | AMAZING REVERB PLUGIN!



  • Plug-in formats: AU, AAX, VST, VST3
  • Operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher, OSX 10.7 (64-bit) or higher, Apple Silicon oder Intel Prozessor
  • DAW: All common DAWs, incl. Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Studio One, Bitwig, Reaper, Reason etc. (some issues with FL Studio and UAudio Luna, we're working on that, see FAQ)
  • For activation: Aktive internet connection


Test: Tegeler Raummaschine - The Dimension Breaker
Test: Tegeler Raummaschine - The Dimension Breaker
  • 2023-06
  • Perry Staltic
"The Tegeler Raummaschine sounds surprisingly good to my ears; the basic sound quality is very high and definitely meets professional standards. The bandwidth ranges from inconspicuous rooms, which are perceived rather subconsciously, to metallic reverbs and clearly artificial reverb effects. The independent sound character can always be heard."

read more (in German)

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MacOS 64-bit downwards compatible up to 10.7, Windows: all 64-bit systems
Please read our Endorsement Policy before contacting us.
Only the logo is new. Nothing else has changed.

For economic and environmental reasons, we refrained from throwing away everything with the old logo. Instead, we will replace all parts and materials piece by piece. Of course, when you buy a unit, you get the same quality no matter what logo is on the outside.
You can authorize the Raummaschine plug-in on up to three (3) computers.
Please contact us by email and we will take care of it.
Go to the settings and deactivate ASIO Guard.

Then you can use Cubase as usual.
Open the Raummaschine's Wrapper settings.

Go to the "Troubleshooting" tab.

Enable "Use fixed size buffers".

Click on the "more" drop-down list.

Enable "Process maximum size buffers".

Raummaschine FAQ FL Studio Buffer
Open the Raummaschine plug-in and click on the gearwheel to access the presets manager.
right-click in the preset manager -> 'Open in file system'

Raummaschine FAQ Preset Folder


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