November Deal: SKM and MythEQ

November Deal: SKM and MythEQ

  • 11/17/2023
  • Gabriel Maceu Faria
  • SKM
  • MythEQ
As you probably already know, November is a great time to look for the best possible deals around, and many of our followers wait the whole year to see what special offers we will have. And of course, 2023 couldn’t be any different, so we came up with something cool for you all once again.

We decided to focus on two Tegeler devices we are very proud of: our heavyweight champion, the Schwerkraftmaschine, and our child prodigy, the MythEQ 500.

The SKM is our heaviest, most versatile compressor of all, with 11 different compression modes to choose from and the option of being remotely controlled with a plug-in. The MythEQ is the latest addition to the Tegeler family, a colorful 4-band 500-series equalizer which, despite its reduced size, is a specialist in making your tracks sound as big as you want them to be.

So this year, between November 17th and December 1st, you will be able to purchase the Schwerkraftmaschine (SKM) and the MythEQ 500 with 20% and 28% discount, respectively.

During those two weeks, you can purchase the SKM for 2.400,-€ (incl. VAT)* and the MythEQ for 500,-€ (incl. VAT)*.

If you were looking for a sign telling you that it’s time you finally got a new compressor or a new equalizer… this is it ;)

*Prices include German VAT (19%) – depending on your country’s VAT prices may vary. For selected countries, our offer is only possible through our official dealers. Shipping is not included.



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