Mystic Box reveal: Tegeler Audio Mystic Equalizer 500 and X-Mas pre-order discount

Mystic Box reveal: Tegeler Audio Mystic Equalizer 500 and X-Mas pre-order discount

  • 12/16/2021
  • Julian Moreth
  • MythEQ 500
  • 500 series
  • Equalizer
  • Product Announcement

During this year’s Vocal Week sale a lot of you were wondering what's behind our Mystic API500 Box. Well, it is time to spread the word!

We are happy to announce our latest addition to the 500 series format, the Mystic Equalizer 500. It will be released in Q2/2022 for 699,- € (including 19% German VAT).

If you wonder why it still is a bit mystic, you should definetly join our new Facebook group and Subreddit. You have the chance to have a certain influence on the final product.

Facebook group
Tegeler Audio subreddit

Equalization at its clearest

Our newest active equalizer, the Mystic Equalizer 500, is ready to change what you think about equalization. By using state-of-the-art film capacitors, the Mystic 500 delivers incredibly precise boosts and cuts, with a crystal-clear sound bite coupled with the Tegeler sound that you are already used to.

With four bands distributed across the frequency spectrum, the ranges of the high/low shelves and mid bells were conceived to bring the best possible sound out of the film capacitors, providing both powerful gain and sharp attenuation when needed.

It does not get much easier than this – with 4 knobs for band selection and boost/reduction and a bypass switch, equalizing your sound will be as fast as humanly possible. And with the stepped potentiometer, you can also feel the sound changing at the tip of your fingers, and easily go back to any preset that works for you.

Anything you want

The Mystic Equalizer 500 is perfect for equalizing main outputs and mix buses in a way that will not mess up any filtering that is already in place, but it can do so much more than that.

Any percussive instrument will be easily tamed or made more punchy with this little guy. A bass guitar will get as heavy as you want it to be, without becoming muddy. Mixing guitars and vocals? Then get ready to see the mids really shine.

There are really no restrictions when it comes to the Mystic Equalizer 500: it can help you with any sound source you throw at it. Just try it for yourself and let it do its magic.


  • Active equalizer with high-quality film capacitors
  • In- and output transformers
  • Stepped potentiometers
  • One bypass switch
  • Frequency range: 20Hz – 22kHz
  • Max. gain level: +15dB
  • Max. attenuation level: -15dB
  • High shelf: 3kHz – 10kHz
  • High-mid bell: 1kHz – 16kHz
  • Low-mid bell: 60Hz – 1kHz
  • Low shelf: 50Hz – 400Hz

X-Mas Special

From now on until January 6th 2022 you can pre-order your Mystic Equalizer 500 for 599,- € (including 19% German VAT). Be one of the first people to get their hands on the new module and safe yourself 100€!

Just write us an e-mail with the subject "500 series EQ X-mas Special" and we will take care of it.

We kindly ask you to be patient if you do not receive a confirmation immediately, we will process every order in chronogical order and will get back to you as soon as possible.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, warm ears and a fantastic start into the New Year!

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