The Ultimate Mixbus Tool?

The Ultimate Mixbus Tool?

  • 06/25/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Crème
  • Review

MusicTech's Mike Hillier has reviewed the Creme.

Here a few quotes:

[...] the Creme produces some incredibly aggressive squash that makes for an excellent parallel drum chain, and that’s before we’ve even begun to explore the EQ side of the circuit.
By including both a passive ‘Pultec style’ EQ and a VCA ‘SSL style’ compressor, the Tegeler Creme gives you pretty much everything that you need across the mixbus in one excellent, extremely well-built package.
With the Creme across our master bus with EQ and compression in place, mixes started to come together quicker.
The Creme is a fantastic and inexpensive bus-processing tool. If you’re looking for a first hardware unit for your studio, or want to add to your collection, this deserves to make your shortlist.

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MusicTech Creme Review

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