Creme de la Canada

Creme de la Canada

  • 08/02/2018
  • Victor Weiss
  • Crème
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The unboxing was awesome, the review is in a class of its own! The Canadian Youtuber Chris Selim has tried the Creme and shows in his review what our mastering specialist is capable of.

Here are some quotes:

“I really like working with this unit. [...] It does the job perfectly! It adds a bit more glue to my sound overall and this is what i like about this unit, just the fact that it glues the stuff together, very well , very transparent and in a very efficient way."
"Another feature that i like about this unit is the high-boost option that again adds some brightness to the sound by keeping everything transparent and very smooth. [...] good job Tegeler, this is a very good unit!” - Chris Selim

Chris Selim is a musician, recording and mixing engineer, and the owner of the Mixdown Online platform, which helps homestudio owners and musicians improve their productions.

He has been much in demand in the Canadian music industry, produced artists in Canada, USA, France, Belgium and Switzerland and has worked on more than 75 albums over the last 14 years. For this he uses modern technologies and, apart from his recording studio in Montreal, also works with his clients directly via the internet.

Enjoy the review:

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