Schwerkraftmaschine Drum Smasher

Schwerkraftmaschine Drum Smasher

  • 01/31/2017
  • Michael Krusch
  • Story
  • Schwerkraftmaschine

Part 8 of our review of the different compression modes in the Schwerkraftmaschine

Sometimes it just has to be.
You just let it all hang out.
Turn up all the knobs to the max.
Screw good manners.
Press all the buttons at once.

That's what Drum Smasher is for.
It compresses with everything it's got.
And in the process gives the drum overheads the right definition and punch.

If you turn the attack and release dials all the way to the left, it immediately clamps down on the signal. If you turn the knobs up a bit, then more transients begin to come through, providing more punch.

The attack and release also have pre-programmed behaviors. In other words, they react less to short impulses than to longer ones, letting the transients shine through a bit more.

Full throttle, but not out of control.
If the effect gets too aggressive, the mix knob can get it back under control.

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