Schwerkraftmaschine Breakthrough

Schwerkraftmaschine Breakthrough

  • 01/13/2017
  • Michael Krusch
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  • Schwerkraftmaschine

Part 3 of our review of the different compression modes in the Schwerkraftmaschine

Imagine a compressor.
It compresses.
Up to a specified value, but not beyond.

That's what the Breakthrough mode does.

It compresses up to 6 dB.
And not beyond.
You can raise the level beyond that point, but it won't affect compression.

If you want to reduce the gain reduction, then simply use the mix knob.

Each level spike, drum or guitar attack or vocal consonant is allowed to pass through, even though the overall signal is compressed.
So one loud cymbal crash in the drum group won't affect the rest of them.

Can you imagine how it sounds?
The best thing is to have a listen for yourself.

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