AES New York 2017

AES New York 2017

  • 09/19/2017
  • Tobias Schacht
  • Messe
  • AES
The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur will take part in the AES New York 2017 from October 18th to 20th. The focus of presentation is again on the Schwerkraftmaschine, but all our devices such as VTRC, Creme or Konnektor can be admired, questioned and tried out.

In addition, there are rumors about the presentation of new devices in terms of prototypes. It can´t be wrong to be curious.

You will find us at booth B457.

We are looking forward to good conversations with producers, musicians, journalists, colleagues, dealers, all interested and friends of the house.

Here comes the official AES New York 2017 website:

The Tegeler Audio Manufaktur thanks the EU for the promotion by the European Fund.

To get appetite some pictures of the AES Berlin 2017:

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