Creme Black Signature


Creme Black Signature
Limited Black Edition Bus Compressor and Mastering

The Creme combines a passive EQ based on the Pultec principle and a high end bus compressor in a single device.

Many successful mixing engineers share one thing in common: They mix with a compressor and EQ in the master channel. The EQ is usually set to subtly boost the bass and treble, while the bus compressor compresses the sound by a couple of dB. This gives the engineer an idea of how the mix will sound after mastering, even still during in the mixing stage. It also helps in finding the right volume balance for individual sounds (especially vocals).

The Creme puts the very best of both functions into one device. The passive EQ has been reduced down to the most popular applications: Bass boost, to give greater definition to the bass, and treble boost, to give the mix the necessary shine. The boost has been made switchable to enable total recall and to reduce the boost to more appropriate levels for use on the master channel.

The bus compressor has a few additional functions such as a low-pass filter for the side chain and an additional ratio of 1.5:1 for especially subtle compression.

The placement of the EQ and compressor in the mix can also be switched.

Similarly, the Creme is suitable for use in mastering aswell.

The Compressor

Do you want to softly and inaudibly balance the track or give it a particular rhythmic signature? The Creme’s VCA compressor can do all this.

It´s characteristic and powerful sound can bring every mix to the next level. The compressor can really work hard, giving your mix a more noticeable open and brilliant sound.

The compression is very harmonic in nature, the sound always remains transparent, and the individual instruments find their own place in the mix. The often lamentable loss of high notes in compression simply doesn’t happen here – rather, the signal sounds like it has already been fed through an exciter.

The basses sound like a unified whole and refined with lean dynamics.

The switchable high-pass filter in the side chain ensures that, when required, even heavy bass sounds don’t lead to pumping.
Low-Cut-Filter des Side-Chains Effect of the low-cut filter in side chains on compression

The Equalizer

Passive equalizers with their elaborate circuits with coils and capacitors are still among the most popular sound makers in master compression.

We chose the filter circuitry from the original Pultec for good reason, as it already made our Classic Equalizer a high-performance sound machine.

No other type of EQ manages to sound as good in almost any matter of setting. Soft and silky highs that deserve the name. A bass boost that gives the mix a solid foundation and thrust, without squashing everything into an indistinct nothingness.

We took the filter circuitry from the original Pultec and carefully updated it. Unnecessary controls have been replaced by fixed values. Similarly, unnecessary frequencies have been removed from the mix bus.

All controls have been replaced with rotary switches for greater precision. Limiting the range of settings possible to reasonably required values has made these adjustments much more precise. This gives the Creme its accurate stereo tracking features.

The result is an EQ you really have to hear. Hear it only once, and you’ll forever miss its absence. If you’ve never heard it, it’s that EQ that you’ve always been looking for.
Frequenzgang des Low-Shelf-Filters Low-shelf filter frequency response

Frequenzgang des High-Shelf-Filters High-shelf filter frequency response



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  • Passive EQ (Pultec style)
  • Bass boost frequencies: 20-30-60-100+140+200 Hz
  • Bass boost level: 0-5 dB switchable
  • High boost frequencies: 10-12-16-18-20-24 kHz
  • High boost level: 0-5 dB switchable


  • Lowcut filter: 60-120 Hz
  • Attack: 0,1-0,3-1-3-10-30 ms
  • Release: 100-300-600 ms-1,2s-Auto
  • Ratio: 1,5-2-4-10
  • Stepped Potentiometers
  • Freqency responce: 20 - 40.000 Hz +/- 1,5 dB
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
  • Height: 88,4 mm (2U), width: 483 mm, depth: 250 mm


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 40kHz
  • Maximum Input Level: +22 dBu
  • Input Impedance: ≥ 10kΩ
  • Output Impedance: < 600 Ω
  • Maximum Output Level: +24 dBu
  • Dynamic Range: ≥ 110 dB
  • Voltage: 230 V~/50Hz or 115V~/60Hz
  • Fuse: 500mA slow-blow
  • Maximum Power Consumption: < 25 W (0,01A at 230 V)
  • Dimensions: 2 U, H:88.1 mm, W:483 mm, D:250 mm


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  • 09/21/2016
  • Wes Maebe

…The result was absolutely stunning. The mix we were already very happy with suddenly came to life and everything just ended up sounding glued together. To quote the producer and artist: “It’s like mixing to tape!”….

…And for all the heavy beat programmers and hip-hoppers out there, this box is going to blow you away! Put the Creme across the drum bus and those hits will jump right out of your monitors. The bottom end will sound super tight and ballsy, the high-end crisp and open and the compressor will make the whole section groove….

…So far, the Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Creme has proven to excel in most tasks I’ve given it….

…one of the best compressors I’ve heard in a long time…

Full review
  • 01/25/2016
  • Axel Ritt

…Only when switching to bypass mode can one see how much one has already become accustomed to the compressed signal and how comparatively unimpressive the original signal sounds in direct comparison…

…The stereo equalizer with a bus compressor in Pultec style impresses us with its high-end components, ease of use, and subtle hint of decadence…

…Even if the product was primarily designed for master processing, the Creme can still be used as a traditional stereo filter when recording…

Full review (english translation)


  • Fait Albrecht, DJ Fait, Aqualoop Records,

…I wanted to double-check my ears and my art, so I asked a mastering studio in Berlin to master one of my titles.

After they were done, they told me that they used a Tube-Tech multi-band compressor, an Avalon EQs and the Waves BCLs, and I was pleased with the result (it sounded almost the same as the version that I had mastered).

But even at this point I was surprised how much more open my own master sounded for which I had used Creme and EQP1. I then asked the mastering engineer to add a little midrange, and I did the same with the EQP1 and compared again.

Of course, one version sounds different than the other, but it’s obvious how much more open, softer and fluffier your blue boxes sound.
I was really amazed and very happy as I feel re-affirmed to have made the right investment.…

  • Christian R.

…I have now properly tested the Creme and am really impressed by what it can do!

The compressor doesn’t tamper much with the sound in any situation.

Despite the heaviest level of compression, nothing is lost from the spectrum, unlike a few other plug-ins I know.

The EQ is also very impressive. Simply a very nice Pultec-style EQ that never sounds aggressive, no matter how far you push it.

  • Carsten B.

…While the EQ is at least ‘officially’ a shelf EQ, it behaves almost like a bell EQ with a low-cut filter: Beautifully broad and soft.
This characteristic makes it possible to boost the bass frequencies without simultaneously squishing everything down into the subbass frequencies.

This means the higher frequencies also avoid sounding aggressive and irritating… The result is very pleasant and almost creamy.

Definitely a better choice than buying 16 plug-ins at 99 euros each when you only actually need two.…

  • Fabian F.

…You have created a really fantastic device in the form of the Creme. I had a lot of fun testing it.

The Creme blends the mix in a pleasant fashion, bringing out artefacts that you simply can’t pull out in a digital mixdown.

Even on a stereo electric guitar recording through two amps, the Creme brought the signal nicely forward it was possible to shape this a bit with the EQ.…


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Alternative: Creme, Creme RC

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